Terms of service

This Client Trading Agreement("Agreement") is between Neo Investment Plafotrm and its affiliates, and any end user (“Client”) (each a "Party" and together, the "Parties") and applies to any dealings between them. This Agreement incorporates by reference any additional appendices, including but limited to the Risk Disclosure and Declaration of Beneficial Ownership.


  • Services
    - Client may enter into transactions with Neo Investment Plafotrm, in connection with spot and forward foreign currency contracts, foreign currencies swap transactions, and such other transactions as Neo Investment Plafotrm may from time to time make available (the “Services”).
  • Margin
    - The Services may involve margined transactions, requiring Client to deposit cash to secure its obligations under this Agreement (“Security Margin”).
  • Direct Relationship
    - Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Neo Investment Plafotrm and Client each enter into this Agreement as principal and Financika will not accept an undisclosed/unapproved principal acting through Client. With regard to such a principal, Client agrees to provide Neo Investment Plafotrm with its identity, personal information, and other information that Neo Investment Plafotrm may seek.
  • No Recommendation or Solicitation
    - Neo Investment Plafotrm does not recommend, solicit, offer, advise, suggest, concur on the merits of, or otherwise provide any opinion whether to buy or sell any currency or to engage in any other transaction. Neither the availability of the Services nor any communication by anyone associated with Neo Investment Plafotrm should be construed in this manner.
  • Errors
    - Quotations provided by Neo Investment Plafotrm, via third parties or otherwise, may be incorrect for any reason. Following a transaction involving such quotation errors, Neo Investment Plafotrm in its discretion reserves the right to correct the affected account balance. Any dispute arising from such errors or corrections will be resolved on the basis of the fair market value of the relevant currency at the time of the error.
  • Cost for the use of this esteemed platform will attract some charges which will be specified upon withdrawal of profit.
  • Any exception to the existing Terms of Use will be communicated in written form to the Customer. Any verbal statement made by Neo Investment Plafotrm employees or affiliates will not be considered in case of a dispute.